Anti-carjack | Self-defense | Advanced driving
Static guards | Advanced firearms | Executive protection


This comprehensive course is run over 10 days and requires an intensive and extended effort by the participating students. A pass mark of 80% on both the practical assessment as well as the written exam, is required for the student to complete the course and be issued with a certificate. An advanced firearms test is part of the practical assessment.

Subjects to be covered will include the following:

  • general duties of a Close Protection Officer (CPO)
  • radio communications
  • preparation and advance planning
  • take-down tactics
  • threat assessment
  • extension baton skills
  • advanced firearms tactics
  • walking and vehicle escort drills
  • route reconnaissance
  • building search
  • dress and etiquette
  • advanced driving
  • recognition of I.E.D.’s
  • embus and debus procedures
  • vehicle search
  • location security
  • travel security
  • team tactics
Various venues, including restaurants, hotels and nightclubs will be utilized. It is expected that all students will contribute evenly to the running of convoys and operations. Each student will need to bring the following:
  • pistol, spare magazine, holster and magazine pouch
  • minimum of 200 rounds ammunition
  • ear and eye protection
  • smart clothing (suit), smart casual (blazer, chinos), casual (jeans, open necked shirt) and training kit
  • notepad (A4) and various stationery
The following is also recommended, however not mandatory:
  • tactical torch
  • pepper fog
  • extension baton
  • folding tactical knife

Your place on the course will be confirmed on payment and upon receipt of the funds, you will be issued with a comprehensive training manual which you will need to study before the commencement of the course.

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