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AOPS International runs a number of different self-defense courses, catering to all genders and ages. They can be tailored for individual, group or corporate requirements. Our most popular courses include:

  • ladies' self-defense
  • close quarter combat
  • teens' self-defense
  • knife fighting
  • home security

Ladies Self-Defense Course
(Deadlier Than The Male)

Ladies, if you are not properly prepared for the present violent times, your biggest loss could be your life. Our objective is to save lives – yours! Today’s criminals have no feeling of guilt about murdering, maiming or raping their victims. Don’t rely on an instant response from the police, nor for that matter, from your response group. For a few very critical minutes at least, you will be on your own!!

Our AOPS Ladies Program is comprehensive, “hands on” and tailored specifically for ladies. No men will be present except for the instructors. This is a highly intensive, one day program, involving over ten hours of lectures, instruction, demonstration and very active participation. You will also have tremendous fun!! Your instructors are highly trained professionals and will be there to share their extensive knowledge and experience with you.

What you will need:

  • loose fitting clothing
  • notebook and pen
  • sun protection
  • your other defensive “tools” which you currently use – if any!
  • your everyday vehicle
  • liquid refreshment and lunch
  • and most importantly – an open mind

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